Friday, May 7, 2010

Storm coming

When I let the dogs out this evening for a run, the light was really neat because a storm front was coming and the sky was cloudy, while the sun was low, but still bright. I tried to capture it, semi-successfully. I was more successful at catching Boomer, Rosie was in her "I am a skulking wolf" lope and I had to track her down the road.

This is facing east:

And this is west, towards the oncoming front:
The wind was very strong, tossing the trees around.

And this one is from our porch.

A few minutes later, the sun was still shining, but it was raining out. I still had these to look at in my kitchen, courtesy of Sectaurs:


Ameranth said...

Wow, that first picture is awesome!

In Real Life said...

Wow! Those photos are amazing. You live in such a beautiful spot!

Homemaker Man said...

Hey Linda. These pics are cool and so are you.

free font said...

beautiful photos!
keep up the good work 0_0

Mary Freaking Poppins said...

Amazing pictures! You should frame them in your home! How beautiful!