Friday, August 20, 2010

And the beat goes on...

I posted yesterday about a family quirk  and of course, have more today. As Captain Dumbass commented- we're like the Suess family. Which is nice but I have a secret dream that we are the Van Trapps and can all sing in tune.

Dream on.

I promise, no matter what I get in my email tomorrow, I won't put it here.

    From Torsey Bob:

    Ho Ho Ho - a morning of no work;  we looked and looked, it was no quirk!
    We did our bit on yesterday, today we'll just play!
    The garden has been watered,  both the veggies and the flowers.
    Damn, it would be awful nice, just to get some little showers!
    Ya know; this rhyming thing has caught me in it's grip
    Like mad dogs and Englishmen, I give a great HIP HIP!
    Now, my joy must be shelved for the day;
    Or else, the taskmaster, I'll have to pay!
    So now, I'll just go out; I'll sit on the porch
    But for all of the family, I'll still carry the torch!

And from #5:

I also worked quite hard yesterday,
So I think I'll take my break today.
I did have to take a trip to the stores,
and I do still have a couple more chores,
some ginger cookies I will bake
along with the muffins I must make.

Then my car must go
off to see the Tire Pro.
Two valve stem caps are cross threaded,
broken valve stems are very much dreaded.
I will have the "Pros" check the air,
and then make any needed repairs.

But then I will take my leisure
and play the games that I treasure.
For now, Good bye I will say
and I hope you all have a nice day!

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In Real Life said...

Fun! Rhyming email, I just love it!