Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Mmm, that good old country air"

The title quote belongs to Shoeshine, circa 1988.*  It's become a family staple and it popped into my head today.
 It's a beautiful sunny day, with just a little breeze, perfect for clothes drying. As I flung the sheets over the line I sniffed the air and regretted that the fresh hay smell was already fading from the field next door, just mown on Tuesday. Still, there is nothing like clean bedding dried outdoors!

But that's not when I thought of Shoeshine, whose comment originated from our first summer here as we drove by a neighbor's dairy farm. That came later when I absently noted the farm machinery driving by and sniffed again. Ah yes, they do usually spread manure on those freshly cut fields, don't they? Lends a totally different air to that laundry! And that's when I quoted Shoeshine.

* Yes, sarcasm is a dominant trait in our family. And we enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

What?? Sarcasm in this family?
No way, Jose!!

In Real Life said...

Totally cute! :)