Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's worse, song or verse?

Ameranth told me this morning that she thinks she may have a musical form of Tourette's. All day yesterday, when her coworker said something to her, she sang one word of it back to her. She later apologized, but her coworker had been amused, not annoyed.

I reminded her of a recent comment from her grandfather about some days being those that make you come up with a song as a response to any conversation. Totally normal. For our family anyway.

Then I get the daily email from my father- in verse, which happens from time to time, and usually provokes a similar response from at least one of his children.

Here's his original message:

Bob and Fran went out to work.....
Boy they both must be a jerk!
Ten minutes struggle, and they were done
And they weren't even in the sun!

Went inside, got water in their glass
Went onto the porch, and sat on their ass.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, maybe tomorrow
Just you wait and see!

So I sent this reply:
Your struggles sound so familiar
You think a little work will kill ya,
Even though a few years ago
Through it all you'd easily mow!

I think twice and then again,
Before I halve my original plan.
I start off great and slowly fold
Boy, it sucks to get old!

But, what difference does it make
Just how long it may take?
You've got the time, and the will,
And many years left to you still.
I just got another email from him:

Listen our children, and you shall hear
Of the exploits of your folks, so dear.
We went out again; 'twas just after noon;
With a shovel, no less, but we didn't swoon.

We huffed and we puffed, and we finally did do it
Just like we knew we could; we just kept tuit.
That post is now out, laying on the ground.
'Twasn't too rotten, in fact was still sound.

But- now there's an iron post; a former supporter
Which won't move an inch - not even a quarter.
But, today's chore is done; there's always tomorrow
So don't feel for the old folks; we don't need your sorrow!
And on Friday, we'll probably be out there again - on the 'morrow.
Now we are resting - the AC is going,
All is well in our world; we are still growing!

I sent this back:

Okay, I am very impressed
That you finished your quest.
Leave the post that can't be stirred,
And add a house for a bird.

His emails are much more entertaining than mine, but I know he likes a response. Plus it amuses me and that's why I write this blog too- to amuse myself- that, and to share my funny, funny family.


knitwit said...

A funny family is such a blessing. I always figure it's better to have those around you being goofy than taking themselves too seriously. I got quite enough of that in college!
Happy Thursday!

Captain Dumbass said...

You're like the Suess family.

In Real Life said...

Oh my gosh! Emails in verse - I love it! That is so much fun! Hilarious picture too - Ameranth has such pretty flowery hair!