Monday, August 2, 2010

Slip and Slide

As we slide into August, I'm still posting July happenings. Because that's how I roll.

I saw these photos from the Fourth go by on my screen saver and figured I'd post them. Two of my older nephews were supervising the setup of a fancy-schmancy slip and slide for a younger one. The hose plugged into it and sent a spray over a little blowup tunnel.
Isabella was helping them check it out. Now for the first run.
  *Note the 3-D goggles. 

Hmm, the Buzz house wasn't supposed to travel with the slider. Obviously another cousin is required for consultation.

                                     The pit crew discussion.
Ready for take-off
                              Dog is my co-pilot

Success! 3 men, 2 dogs and 1 small boy made it happen.

     Later, one little girl solos.

Things seemed a little simpler 25 years ago for Shoeshine and Sectaurs.

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In Real Life said...

Love this! I like how you included the photo of your children playing too!