Monday, August 30, 2010


Ameranth's summer job is over so she has a little free time before her next one starts. This means we've had some strange conversations quality time lately, beginning while at our computers this morning.
Me: Enough of the blog reading! I must go brush my teeth!
 Ameranth:  I have to brush mine as well!
 Awkward pause.
 Me: That is not a mother/daughter activity.
 Ameranth: No indeed -one person at a time, contrary to what HGTV would have you believe.

( We both laugh at the people who insist their new home must have 2 or 3 bathrooms because they can't brush hair/teeth/shave at the same sink- Has no one ever heard of taking turns and planning? Sissies)

Later in the grocery store, debating the merits of sherbet vs ice cream (did you know that watermelon sherbet has virtually the same calories, fat, etc as ice cream? As A. said, why are we even looking at the sherbet then?):

Ameranth: Why does everyone put peanut butter in chocolate ice cream? Why not in vanilla? (She doesn't like chocolate, except in milk, or brownies, but not cake or frosting, or ice cream, except chocolate syrup on the ice cream is okay )
Oh what's this? Maine Lobster Tracks!

Reading the ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, lobster colored (red) chocolate, caramel... Pooh, that's just like a peanut butter cup.

Me: No it's not.
A: Yes, except with caramel.
Me: No, that's not the same at all- there's no peanut butter!
A: It is too- there's chocolate around the caramel.
Me: Let me see that package- oh, okay the chocolate chunks are filled with caramel.... It's still not like a Peanut butter cup- It's like a Rolo.
A: Okaaaay.

We didn't get that flavor.

Finishing up at the yogurt cooler:

A: The problem is that a big cup is not a filling meal, but these little cups are a good snack, plus they have 3 flavors in this 12 pack so I'll get them.
Me: Okay, let's go then.
A: But, I'm not sure how I feel about the blueberry flavor....and is this the best bargain?
Me: Well, the price per ounce is cheaper in the bigger cups, but you said you liked the smaller portions.

At this point the lady next to us is laughing as she picks her choice off the shelf. Show-off!

Ameranth: The problem is there's so little choice, besides the kiddie brands.

I mutely stepped back and spread my arms to indicate the 12 feet of space devoted to curdled milk.

Ameranth: That's enough of your sarcasm!
 Me: That wasn't sarcastic- I was merely displaying my incredulity.

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