Saturday, August 7, 2010

Best Dog Door Ever

The project that has turned out the best this summer is our screen door. It's an old-fashioned wooden one onto our porch that has that nice 'slam' when it closes. We found it in the shed upstairs along with other doors,windows and the old porch posts and railing. J repaired the screen and we enjoyed the cross-breeze through our kitchen.  Until the huskies came.

Husky puppies (any puppies, I guess) are energetic and bouncy and it turns out they can go through screening. The next summer we figured they were older, we repaired the screen and, Rosie blew through it immediately. Unintentionally, I am sure.

This year, J repaired the screen, and we added hardware cloth on both sides, stapling it to the wood, so it stands out from the screen. Victory!  It doesn't latch and the dogs quickly (well, one was a little slow- I'm looking at you Anna) figured out that they could push it open and let themselves out.  So now we will often hear dogs running from the living room (where they can sit and check out people coming down the road), banging through the door, and barking madly out front. The hedge hides most of the fence there, so passersby can't see much of the dogs, just hear the ravening beasts.

The best part? Dogs can't open the door to come back in. Although it doesn't close completely sometimes, so I have seen an eyeball or a nose in the crack, but no one has managed squeezing in yet.

Now here's something for cat lovers too.


knitwit said...

Too funny! Dogs are such monkeys. I remember once when we were living on an army base, one of my dogs started barking like a maniac in the living room, so I walked in to find him at the window going crazy because the little boy across the street had a new dog visiting with him on his front lawn and he was rubbing it's belly. I told my dog to calm the heck down, and it was only as I was walking away that I realized my other dog was missing and the screen in the window had been ripped right out...

In Real Life said...

"So I have seen an eyeball or a nose in the crack" - I love that part! Too funny! What a great picture!