Thursday, January 6, 2011

Better late

Here's a few end of the year photos that I just got around to editing.

J is responsible for decorating the house, since he enjoys it so much. I do have to check on it afterward though. Here his tribal men are saluting Father Christmas, or getting ready to roast him, I don't know which.
Our lovely tree-topper, which my kids think should be retired. He is getting a little tattered, but he was a gift from my grandmother so he stays. (She didn't make him, but got him at a craft sale and probably my grandfather wouldn't let her use him!)

J's new kitchen TV, which was supposed to fit into the space above the microwave to replace the tiny one we had. It was just an inch too tall to squeeze in, so I had to do some minor surgery on the rack.

Our first major snowfall which gave us our white Christmas. It was so gray that day that the photo looks like it is black and white.
The TV and this were J's favorite gifts I think, although Ameranth did give him his caliper he was wishing for. 
Ms M gave him this, along with some paper soda jerk hats which he wouldn't model for me, saying "I never know where your pictures will show up".

Ameranth found Mr C his special gift, a Snoopy sno-cone maker, but I didn't get a picture of that either. I got some lovely earrings and Wii Fit Plus, as well as Donkey Kong Returns for the Wii.  It brings back memories of the old Nintendos we had when the kids were teens, especially since I am still having Ameranth bail me out of the hard parts!
The Wii Fit is fun, but harder than I expected. Could it be that I am out of shape? Pshaw. Although it does tell me that my BMI is too high and it made my Mii blow up like the Michelin man. Not funny, Wii.

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knitwit said...

Just had to play catch up on your last week or so here. Apparently, 2011 has gotten off to a slow start here!
I'm loving that hot dog machine. If I had one of those, it'd be hot dogs and fries every night. And them my Mii would blow up like the Michelin Man too!