Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ready to paint- finally!

With our deadline of the 28th fast approaching, we've picked up speed in the bedroom makeover. Today we prime the entire room. It even looks possible that we can get the final color on the walls in time too. We felt like we would never make it while we were sanding.

As Ameranth said "Damn those old people and their hundred year lead paint!" That was one thick layer of paint that clung tenaciously to the wood, and if it hadn't been chipped, I would have happily left it in place and covered it up. Even after using a gel stripper (and yes we ventilated well, ie. opened the window) and sanding (yes, we used masks) we didn't get every last bit off. But it feels smooth and is good enough for us.

There will be molding along the top to cover those gaps. In the next picture, a closet will be built to the right of the drawers, and shelves put back into the space on the left, the one the looks like a doorway. We've never figured that out because if it were a door, it would open onto the 3rd step of the staircase.

Obviously, the closet portion will be done after Shoeshine's visit next weekend. But this room will be clean and able to be slept in, which is all I ask for now.

I joked on Facebook yesterday about J running out to pick up some stripper. Later, speaking to Ms. M, I told her "I'm going upstairs to strip now" as I handed the phone to her father. She told him that was high on the list of "things you never want to hear your mother say".


knitwit said...

I hate redecorating. I currently have a stripped-down dining room. I had drywall put on the ceiling last week and my plan is to have that finished and painted, along with the walls by the time my husband comes home in March. He can help me do the floors in the spring. My next house is going to be finished BEFORE I move in!
Have fun painting!

In Real Life said...

It's a beautiful room, I love the angled ceiling!

Too funny: "I'm going upstairs to strip!"

We have some projects to tackle, and some to finish around our house too, but I keep putting them off. If I were rich, I would never do another DIY renovation/re-decoration again!

Anonymous said...

LOL Now you fix the room up, after we no longer can make it up for a visit!

Mary Freaking Poppins said...

Hilarious. Glad the renovation is going well!

Captain Dumbass said...

Ugh. I stripped the wallpaper in our dining room back in November but I still haven't finished filling and sanding. I blame the ADD.