Thursday, January 20, 2011

Style, you say?

A fellow blogger has given me a lovely Stylish Blogger award and I wish I knew how to reproduce it here! Kelly at In Real Life is being very generous in linking my blog with the word 'style' and I appreciate it. Now I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and I don't think I can keep it style-themed as she and Knitwit did, but I'll try.

1.  One thing is the same as Kelly's list and that is a love of jeans. I've been wearing them (not the same ones- I wish the size was the same though) since the 1960's and I will keep on into my 60s and beyond.

2.  My favorite winter coat is a down-filled wonder that was rejected by Ms. M when she entered the Peace Corps. "Mom, I would look like the Michelin Man"
As if Moldova was the fashion center of the third world! Her loss, my gain.

3.  My feet are too big to have a wonderful shoe collection. I am happy if I get some sneakers and boots that fit and let me have room to twinkle my toes.

4.  I had braids and long hair until I entered high school and got a Twiggy pixie cut, just in time in time for hippies and long hair to be the style. Then it was Dorothy Hamill cuts and perms until I got fed up with it and went with a buzz cut. I love the ease but my head gets cold now so I wear hooded sweatshirts a lot in the winter.

5.  To help nice salespeople from feeling bad when they call me sir (see short hair above) I finally got my ears pierced when I was 55. Very good decision, I like earrings.

6.  I like color. And big patterns. And soft, swirly fabrics. And I wish I were 5'9" and looked as good for real as I imagine I would wearing some of that stuff, instead of, you know, jeans and sweatshirts.

7.  I do use my house as an outlet for the colors and appreciate J being as easygoing as he is about that. (as in "Yes, that color looks fine to me. Whatever you want") So we have one room that has coppery stripes in flat and glossy paint, and we have fun fish wallpaper in our kitchen.

This ended up being a fun list to make- thanks again.


knitwit said...

I'm glad Kelly passed this onto you. I'm now contemplating getting myself a buzz cut--so much easier than having to mess about with my hair in the morning! And I'm betting everyone notices your earrings too!

In Real Life said...

I would love to have fun fish wallpaper in my house! Neat! Jeans are the best! I enjoyed having short hair this summer, but now I'm working on growing it back again, because I missed the feeling of wearing a swishy ponytail.

Thanks for playing along, this was a fun one! :)

Annah said...

Congrats on your award :)

You should've included a picture of your favorite coat on this post.

Anonymous said...

LOL You've had awards from us for years!!