Thursday, January 27, 2011

Waiting for Friday and some Ladyslipper time!

I have been not-very-productive so far today, although I did make up the guest bed. We've got the Moonlight Grey on the walls, and primer on everything else, a rug on the floor and bed and nightstand in place. This afternoon I get the high chair and crib that we are borrowing from our neighbor and we will be good to go.

I'll wait until tomorrow for the final vacuuming etc since there is no use trying to get rid of the dog hair too far in advance. Ms M is driving Shoeshine, X and Ladyslipper up tomorrow and they will be here until Wednesday. We are looking forward to finally holding our granddaughter! Expect picture spam soon.


In Real Life said...

Oh Yay! How exciting! I can't wait to see pictures! Have fun!

knitwit said...

Looking forward to the pictures. Have a wonderful visit!

Cid said...

Can't wait to see the final reveal. You have done so much and have inspired me to get out my white touch up paint and try to make a dent in all the dents and scratches on my walls.