Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beautiful day in our neighborhood

We had a nice sunny, warm day and J was off. Lots of little tasks accomplished, and the yard is looking good. Our hay field was cut yesterday, and they baled it tonight, finishing just before sundown.

We own about 8 acres, with roughly six being originally a cow pasture. There were still cows in it when we bought the place- a local farmer used it for his pregnant cows. We continued to let him keep them there each summer, in return for free milk.

After he stopped farming, another neighbor asked if he could mow it for us, in exchange for the hay. This worked very nicely, since we didn't want it to be overgrown with weeds. Later still, another neighbor asked if he could summer pasture his horses there. We saved the top portion as a hayfield, and have had horses to look at each summer since. He mows it, gets the hay, and gives us a dozen or so bales each fall. Win/win.

Now there's a lovely scent of freshly mown hay in the air, and a clear vista down the pasture. When the wild turkeys come out with their broods we'll be able to see them, instead of just seeing the waving grass as they move along.

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