Sunday, June 28, 2009

Guess what? It's raining! duh

This is so getting old- we had 2 days of sun, sort of, and now it's pouring rain again, with the next 5, FIVE, days projected to be the same. When did Maine become the Amazon jungle? This isn't what I signed up for. I endure November to April in order to enjoy the other 6 months. Where is my heeeeat?

Whew, that felt good. Okay, what's been going on? Wednesday was a quick trip down to MA to look at houses with Sectaurs- nothing good found yet. I drove down to RI and spent the night with my folks, who are doing well. Grandma's coumadin levels are behaving now, and Grandpa's getting procrit shots for his anemia. I also visited with Re, who is starting chemotherapy soon. 20 weeks of that, then radiation. She is taking suggestions for wig looks. Red seems to be popular with the family, so far.

J and I worked on our timeout place for the dogs- all done except the gate, which admittedly is a key ingredient. This will be a place to shut them in when we have to open the gates to mow, etc. Boomer gets a little frantic if they are in the house and we are out in 'their' yard. It's about 12 feet by 8 feet, so plenty of room for the two of them for short-term stays.

Oh, yes, I have a free quart of paint coming courtesy of Glidden. June 25 - July 2 they are giving away a quart of paint at Ameranth let me know about it. I chose Softest Juniper which I think will be great for the bookcase in my computer room.

Finally, I had my ears pierced yesterday- took me 55 years to make up my mind. Well, I guess really only about 40, since I didn't even consider it before high school. My two girls had their ears pierced, as well as Shoeshine- his lasted only a little while. Ameranth doesn't wear them any more, and Ms.M has added several more holes to the original two. Anyways, this time when it popped into my head, the little voice that always firmly said "No", was a little ambivalent. I went to the mall, checked out the earring kiosk, and listened: no voice saying "what are you, crazy?"

So, after warning the nice young woman that I would be upset if they were not even, I signed the release and paid my money. She understood the OCD issues, and admitted to having similar tendencies herself, which I assured her was a good thing in this case.
Excellent job done- much less pain then expected, but oh, that sound! Ugh. J was very surprised to see them, but thinks they look "cute". I got little sparkly flowers, instead of the plain silver balls, or the tiny birthstone ones. December is not my favorite stone, and since I won't be able to change them before my niece's wedding, I went with the white fake diamond look. They don't bother me at all, in fact I forget I have them until my hand brushes them and I think it's a fly.

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