Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's getting warmer!

Yay! It is finally feeling like spring here, especially since we have our garden planted- mostly. We still have to get some peppers and a cucumber in. We have some corn, potatoes and tomatoes(in pots this year, due to pillaging) but the bulk of the space goes to pumpkins. Have I mentioned J goes all out for Halloween?

He loves growing the giant pumpkins, with varying degrees of success each year. We also grow the white 'ghost' pumpkins- full size this year, last year the minis. I stuck some gourds in the mix and we'll see what we end up with, since it was a packet of mixed types.

I am feeling very satisfied, since yesterday I got the border covered with newspapers and mulch hay, to prevent the weeds from sneaking in, and today it was fenced in. Two foot high wire will hopefully allow us to let the hens out of their yard and keep them out of the garden, which is on their doorstep.

The front garden is weeded now, just in time for my old fashioned yellow irises to bloom. I still have two on the side to go, that face the other road we front. One of those may be tackled this afternoon, when the sun moves around the other side of the house. By weeds, I mean the grass that invades every garden I plant. Grass, and violets.

Years ago a violet or two showed up in my garden. How nice, I thought and left it there. Big mistake- violets qualify as an invasive plant in my book, if no one else's. Pretty little purple or white flowers in the spring, then massive leaf growth and knotted, stubborn root masses that crowd out every other plant they encounter. I no longer feel any compunction about ripping them out, although I do mutter 'collateral damage' to other flowers taken by accident.

Two hollyhocks are still in their pots. I want them to go in front of the porch posts, but need to protect them from the dogs, who will be attracted to the turned over dirt. Still pondering that.

Break time is over.

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