Monday, June 22, 2009

weddings are fun

My brother (2) got married on Saturday, for the first time, at the ripe old age of 54. He and his wife have lived happily together for the past 28 years, may they have many more. As he explained, they had always planned on marrying when they got to an age where legal controls and privileges might become important. Since 2 is self-employed, CS's insurance covered them both, and was going to become more stringent in eligibility requirements as of June 30. It was time.

They planned to go to a Justice of the Peace, but the people at their local feed store made other plans when they heard about it. Their friends helped them celebrate their marriage among the feed bags and had a very good time. One sister, 3, and one of her daughters flew down to Texas as a surprise as well.

CS tap danced in to "Going to the Chapel" and they walked out to "Happy Together". Sounds perfect.

(I took the liberty of posting a picture- I hope I don't get in trouble- ;p- but then again, no one else sees this)

PS- when I checked the post, I noticed the striking similarity of 2's and my hairstyle. I must admit he had it first.

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