Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sumac a go go

J's 2nd day off and he wanted to get rid of our sumac patch out back. We do this every 7-10 years- they grow like weeds and get just too big. We don't worry about getting rid of all of them- the small ones look pretty in the fall when the leaves turn bright red.

We stacked the brush at the edge of the woods where it will provide shelter for mice and such. Too bad the sumac wood isn't much good for anything. But it is one fine brush pile! J thinks I am too anal about brush neatness, but it just makes it so much easier in the long run. And I don't say anything about him restacking his wood piles to look better.

The big chain saw didn't cooperate so J had to use my electric one and some of the trunks were at the top end of it's size range. That and the brush underfoot caused the decision to cut them higher than we normally do. Now it looks like a swarm of sea serpents rising through the weeds. At least to us it does.

Can't see them?

Try squinting.

Wait until we add permanent heads when we have free time on our hands! Bwa ha ha. I think we horrify our kids sometimes.

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