Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend update

So, another weekend is past, one day was sunny and one rainy- guess which one J had to work on? Right.

The good news is that the b-i-l came home after a day in the hospital, with no lasting ill effects, and Re's surgery had no surprises.

Saturday I got out early (for me) and hit a couple of yard sales, with no major finds. I did get one goodie for J, which I knew he would love. And he did.

I dodged a bullet at the first yard sale- After pulling off the road unto a mowed portion of the field, I heard a horrible metal-scraping-the-the-bottom-of-car sound. Stopped and looked underneath, and I had bent a metal rod, about as thick as my thumb, and two feet high. How I didn't see it I don't know, it must have been right at the corner of the hood, and hidden.

Anyway, I tried backing up- only moved a few inches, and when I checked again underneath, it was wedged between the muffler and a clamp. There was a small tree and about 20 feet between me and people, and no one seemed to be staring at me, so I figured I would act casual and shop a bit, pretending that I was not stuck on a metal pole. In case I haven't mentioned my social anxiety/phobia, I hate making mistakes or actually, doing anything in public. "Nothing to see here, move along" is my motto.

So, I bought hangers for a quarter, and then mentioned to the lady that I had run over a rod, I'm very sorry. And she said Yeah, you did, which blew my theory about nobody noticing right out of the water. She yelled for a man to come over, and we went to my car. I must say, they were both very nice about it. He confirmed it was just a stick, nothing attached- a surveying post, in fact, and told me I could probably drive forward and off it. So, of course I put the car in reverse first! I did make my escape, with no damage other than long groove running down the side of the muffler. Whew!

On Sunday we drove into Lewiston and shopped a bit. Outside the Dollar Tree was a couple getting signatures for a petition to overturn the gay marriage bill. The lady was pretty aggressively approaching people, walking toward everyone as they got out of their cars, not waiting until they came to her table. I was waiting for J to catch up to me, and she got through with the man who had been loudly agreeing with her about court decisions, unfair votes, etc, and called after us "Will you sign this to allow the people to define the meaning of 'marriage'?" Normally I shake my head and keep walking, but in this case I told her, No, I think it's fine the way it is. Which was extremely bold for me.

Then, to top that off, when we came out of the store(circling around the other exit- no need to provoke anyone) we saw a third person had joined their group. I thought at first that he must be arguing with them, since he had long hair, a beaded choker and a large earring. But that is why you don't judge a book by it's cover. He and the lady went over to a parked car, that we had noticed before. It was a station wagon, completely painted in Grateful Dead style- yellow, with skeletons on the body and red flowers on top, with a California license plate. Did they really drive from CA to protest a Maine law? That doesn't seem legal, or ethical, or something. Why don't they mind their own business?

That was our weekend. Today it rained, and J has to work at 4 am this week. He has Wednesday and Thursday off, and has to work both weekend days. Darn inventory anyway.

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