Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Out of order

I'm not very good at timing generally, either I'm late(usually) or early, so it's not surprising that I missed posting on Father's Day. Not that J even knows that I write this down. I did give him gifts- some on Saturday, because they were plants and hard to wrap. He got some little gargoyle heads and a pizza pan on Sunday though, so that was a surprise,to get more goodies.

We have lupines which we planted in the back of our wildflower space, and they are slowly spreading forward to where we can see them. Since we didn't have any yellow/white ones yet, I looked for one at our usual greenhouse. Not only did they only have the purple ones(called blue- why ?) but they were dwarf ones. We need taller plants, not shorter. On my way out, I saw an orange poppy waving at me. J's mom had poppies in her garden and this made me think of her, so I got it. I also picked up a fancy # 5 house number, with a scrolly bottom.

On my way home, I pass another nursery, so I checked there and found just what I wanted- tall, white and a dollar cheaper. Yay! So John got two plants for the front of the space. The rain has gotten to the poppy, but there's another bud coming- it is to the right of the lupine in this photo:

I know, not a good picture, but it does show the area, which is over our septic field. This area used to be the top of the cow pasture, where a huge feeding trough was, next to the barn. When the new septic system was installed, the good rich topsoil was piled up to the side. I questioned that and was told that they would take it away to dispose of, since sand had to be installed for drainage. I told them I would like to keep it and have it spread out. Well, they did. At the side of the mound, not on top. So now we can't keep up with mowing the grass on the side, and it's piss-poor growing conditions on top.

We decided to grow wildflowers there, and we mow the whole thing down each fall. The look has changed every year, it used to be covered with marguerite daisies, which I would have sworn nothing could crowd out. Now we have the lupines coming from the back, and Gaillarda daisies(blanket flower) in the front, which are just starting to bloom- the little orange color to the right. In the middle are thistles. John hates them and they were the bane of our barefooted kids in the past. But, they look pretty with the purple flowers, and the goldfinches love the seeds. So they stay and a few get removed every year just to show them who's boss.

We also have Stinging Nettles trying to take over from the road bank. After several years of cutting them down, we planted apple mint at the top of the slope, and they are winning the possession battle. Yay for mint. Brushing against the nettles causes a reaction that feels like a bee sting. The only way we've found to counteract the reaction to the little hairs on the stalks is to immediately wash with soap and water. The rash stays around for an hour or so, but it doesn't burn or sting anymore.

Well, this has strayed far from Father's Day, hasn't it? J had to work, but the kids all called later in the day and he always enjoys talking to them. Sectaurs reassured him that he had renewed his NetFlix gift subscription, so his movies can continue.

I forget what we had for dinner. Hamburgers maybe. Nice day anyway.

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