Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cold and wet

The weather has sucked big time this week. Okay, we could use the rain, maybe, but it is cold! I don't like the cold- I put up with it in the winter, because you have to in Maine. But May is supposed to keep getting warmer, not revert to frosts and temps in the 40s! We've had to turn the heat back on and I'm still cold. Bah.

J has to work this Saturday again, why, I do not know- his boss has decided to torture him I guess. He usually works from 6- 2:30, now his hours are going to be 5- 2. He likes just a half hour lunch, but has to take an hour off. To be into work at 5, means he gets up at 3:30, so goes to bed at 7:30 or 8. Ridiculous, I say!

Anyway, he had Wednesday off- it rained all day, so we still do not have our garden rototilled, and our pumpkin babies are outgrowing the peat pots. The dogs get filthy, and I don't take them for a walk in the rain. Sorry, but I don't, not in cold rain. They have a big yard to run around in and get filthy.

The only heartening thing this week was the beef stew I made last night. I am going to have a bowl now, and perhaps warm the cockles of my soul.

At least I won't be whining here anymore.... right now.

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