Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sore Sunday

My goodness, we got a lot accomplished yesterday. We were able to get rid of some ancient monitors and TVs at a hazardous waste/recycle day- Combined with a local one two weeks ago, we safely disposed of 7!

Then we swung by Home Depot to leave eggs for J's coworker and got a bargain on 2 slightly damaged picket fence sections. They will become a little kennel corner of the back yard, for times we want the dogs out of the way while working out there.

Next, J's chain saw was put into action removing a multiflora rose that was way out of control. The Rose That Ate The Hedge! The first year I noticed it, I thought, oh that's pretty, it can stay. The next year, I thought, hmm that thing spreads quickly, doesn't it. Last year, I saw a 12 foot cascade of tiny white flowers that conpletely hid the high bush cranberry that was supposed to make up the hedge.

So, yes we needed a chain saw. The base of one of the roses was a trunk that was 4 inches in diameter! An invasive plant, indeed. Our small pickup was overfilled-twice- with wicked sharp thorns and sprays that were more than 20 feet long in some cases. We had gloves, of course, but I wore a tshirt and look like a wild cat attacked my arms. Not to mention punching myself in the eye when the tiedown slipped out of place. But the front looks much better.

Lastly, we were getting ready to play some Wii tennis (we are both PRO status now, yay!) When we saw a woman running to our door. She told us that one of the pasture horses was grazing the side of the road. We have about 6 acres of pasture that a neighbor keeps 3 or 4 horses on each summer. In return, he cuts that, and an adjacent hay field for us. He keeps most of the hay, and we get a dozen bales for the hens, and banking the house.

Anyway, J gave him a call, while I went down to catch the horse. That was very easy, considering she walked up to me. I think she was hoping for a snack. Anyway, we walked back to the gate, which had a broken post, and I got her back in without the other 2 escaping. The owner showed up soon and they fixed their post, I presume. We went back to our tennis.

So, it rained last night and is still gray today. We are moving slowly today with muscles complaining, at least mine are. Which is why I am writing instead of getting dressed, which I will go do now. sigh.

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