Thursday, May 21, 2009

A girl

It is a year for the fillies. Our niece, Francesca Violet was born May 20, sharing the date with her, let's see, first cousin once removed. As far as I know, that is it for the baby crop this year.

A lovely warm day here today, already 81 at 11:30. I have windows open and maybe this old house will finally warm up for the spring.

Doing laundry and hanging it outside is always pleasant, although the two chains on the dog gate between the porch and the line slows me down a little. I am washing the slipcovers in preparation for Ms M and Mr C visiting this weekend. Our couch has a company slipcover, and another on top for the dogs. It's just easier that way, trust me.

Taking a break now, and will pot up my hanging baskets for the porch later. That's always fun.

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