Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

It has been a soggy weekend, but a very satisfying one. On Saturday, we went to the wedding of our neighbor's daughter, a very nice time was had. It was a simple, moving ceremony and so nice to touch base with folks I haven't seen for some time.

All 4 kids called, of course, for Mother's Day, Shoeshine surprising us by calling first, from Colorado, two time zones behind his siblings! In fact he called while I was speaking to my mother, so I called him back.

We went out to do errands and Sectaurs called later, we spoke of some projects we each have planned. I wanted to know if he can help me with some decorative tiles for our porch posts, and he needs a shade for his cubicle to block glare. Symbiosis!

The girls had a shopping misson and it was accomplished- sandals for Ameranth were found, after much trying on of footwear. It's hard to find her in-between size sometimes, and the shoes need to be man-made materials, due to her vegetarian practices. That and her ADD makes shopping frustrating at times. Ms. M persevered and kept her on track for the other items on her list as well.

Thanks to Ms. M and my hubby, who both gave me shopping funds for garden items. Now, annuals, perennials, or decorations? J votes for gargoyles!

Oh, and our lawn tractor is back, ready to roll as soon as the grass dries out.

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