Friday, May 8, 2009

Little bits

I just found out that while Maine is the fifth state to allow same-sex marriages, it is the first to do so with the Legislature and governor both approving, and without involving a court ruling. So again, Yay Maine.

When I commented to my family about our lush lawns of dandelions, my brother sent recipes using them. Our reply was that we don't eat them, we grow, show, mow or blow them!

It would be impossible (well, for us it would be) to get rid of the dandelions in our grass, since we are downwind from 7 acres of pasture where they grow freely. We have long since embraced them as a lovely addition to our landscaping.

I ran out to take a picture of the lawn, that I mowed 3 days ago, which apparently coincided perfectly with the dandelion bloom.

This one shows the aftermath of the bloom- see all the little white puffs on the lawn, behind Sectaurs and Ameranth?

And yes, aren't my kids colorful too? They're adults, I can just enjoy them.

Happy Mother's Day to me!

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