Saturday, May 23, 2009


Okay, I think I'm ready for company. J normally has weekends off, and would have helped clean, but he has to work today due to the holiday. Ms M and Mr C should be here shortly, and J gets out of work at 2:30. so he won't miss much but the preparation!

A lens popped out of my computer glasses last night, and in my zealous vacuuming, I forgot to look for the tiny screw. Oh well, I probably couldn't have found it anyway- I can't see it, and I patted the floor down last night with no luck. Thank goodness I have a nice big monitor and don't need to have them- it's just easier on my eyes if I'm on for a long period. like playing Guild Wars.

Of course, the weather is turning a little iffy today, it couldn't have been hot and sunny for our company, could it? As long as it doesn't rain a lot, it will be okay- It's just that the 3 dogs will be in and out and it's hard to catch them and dry them off when they are excited. Or anytime, really.

Back from feeding the dogs, did you miss me? Boomer comes in and does his annoying yip yip yip, and I try to get him to be quiet, since I don't want to reward the yipping. Finally Rosie weighs in with her moaning husky talk, wooooo wooooo and they get their food. I add water to the dry food, mostly to slow them down, and they lick each other's faces afterwards to make sure no drop is missed.

We use Canidae, and I like it- Rosie's coat has always been shiny and she doesn't smell doggy. Even after they changed their grains last year and some people said they had problems then, we never did. Although it is more expensive, you feed less of it, so the price really works out to be close to a supermarket brand. Plus, less food going in, less coming out the other end.

Have you seen that ad for a carpet cleaner, where the lady tells the little dog to use his inside voice? I feel like that with Boomer. When he yaps at me, I tell him no, and he slowly subsides to the floor and mutters in a deeper voice. Sometimes. We're working on it, he's only what? 9 months old now! He's got time, Rosie is a year older and still isn't all 'grown up' yet. I told J the other night that Boomer would probably have been much calmer as an only dog. He is very anxious that he gets/has/does everything and more that Rosie does. Good thing she is so mellow most of the time. I am anxious to see how Mabel the beagle does today.

Well, this post rambled a bit more than usual. I think I better let it end.

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