Thursday, May 7, 2009

Same-sex marriage bill passed

Maine's governor signed a same-sex marriage bill into law yesterday. Yay for Maine. 5th state to do so isn't as cool as being the first, but it's still awesome. And we're ahead of NH and RI in New England.

I know opponents are hoping to get this delayed for a voter referendum, but I hope they don't. I'm pretty live and let live, and gay marriage does not threaten my marriage at all. Plus I'm pretty sure that quite a few of the abusive, mean-spirited, deadly relationships we read about occur within a church-sanctioned union. Which, by the way, ours is- church sanctioned, that is- not the other stuff! It meant a great deal to J's mom that we get married in a Catholic church(he is, I'm not) so we did. It was a short ceremony, since we didn't have the Mass, but it made it legal in his folk's eyes, so, meh.

I saw this on a blog I follow yesterday - - and sent it to my kids. Now I have the tune stuck in my head, not knowing any of the words, except the chorus. It's a good thing I don't sing in public. LOL

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