Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Finally, a sunny day that was fairly warm! It's been the kind of weather that warms up pretty well outside, but doesn't warm up the house. I must admit we turned the heat on last night, but J has a nasty cold, so that was the excuse!

One of my cousins (first cousin, but a generation apart in age) had a daughter born today. His first child. but the 3rd girl out of 4 grandchildren for that branch of the family. On J's side, his nephew's wife is due tomorrow with their first child. Another niece had a little girl in April- will it be 3 for 3 this year?

Tomorrow is also Shoeshine's 30th birthday, which just doesn't seem possible! And no grandchildren in sight for us yet. Ms M is the only married one of the four, so she is carrying all the weight of family expectations right now (pun intended).

It so interesting watching babies grow and to see what kind of personalities they have. Especially when they are not yours and you bear no responsibility for their quirks. Besides the genetic peculiarities that is. Strange how some traits are so strongly recognizable through the family. Besides premature graying, webbed toes, a well developed sense of humor appears in our families often.

Thank goodness for humor- I can't imagine living with people who can't find something funny to say in just about any situation. Of course, when it's teenagers who are talking, it can be hard to see the humor in the moment, but months (or years) later it can be recalled fondly.

While talking to my parents today, I mentioned weeding my flower gardens, and how I always underestimate the time needed and number of weeds. I told myself to plant my new flowers in existing beds- DO NOT START NEW GARDENS! My mother said she is downsizing her gardens even more. She concentrates now on the garden around her fish pond that she sees from her porch.

J and I have many, many projects around here, some started, some almost done and some we haven't thought of yet, I'm sure. However, we find we are slowly clearing out the attic, and empty rooms upstairs, now that the kids are all gone. I'm not saying we don't bring new junk home, but we tend to be a little more selective/realistic about the odds that we will actually use something now.

So, as our lives are beginning to shrink just a bit, others' are expanding with new homes, new spouses ( niece's wedding in July) and best of all, new babies. I can't wait to see how little Heidi, Leah and the one no one has met yet will fit into and change our families.

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