Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Green, green grass

I mowed the entire lawn today, getting everything caught up. It's rough around the edges, but the huge lumps are smoothed out, and I disturbed many bees on the dandelions. Sorry, bees. You still have the azaleas.

Before mowing the dog yard, I had to patrol for hidden obstacles. Like the logs from our woodpile, a milk jug, legs from an old wood stove(no, I don't know why Rosie likes them either)and many pieces of chewed plastic flower pots, oh and two Dragonball Z doll halves.

I still had many popups to plague me however. I missed a couple of tennis balls, a sneaker, and one of those cast iron stove legs. And by 'missed' I mean picking them up- I hit them with the mower- except for the stove leg. Thank goodness that lay flat and I had the blades up a bit.

So I expect tonight our house will be littered with grass blades as well as shedding fluff.

Did I say I got a new desk chair on Sunday? Well, if I didn't never mind- I returned it Tuesday. The arms wouldn't work for me. I went to Longfellow's, my favorite nursery and spent my gift certificates on some perennials- two hollyhocks for the porch posts, a white bleeding heart, sage, and, something else I can't remember right now. Plus I picked up petunias and impatiens for my hanging baskets. No gargoyles this year, the pickings were slim in that department.

I keep singing green, green grass to the tune of red, red wine- I just figured out what the tune went to ! :) Oh well, both color songs anyway, and once more, thank goodness no one listens.

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