Monday, February 15, 2010

Another busy weekend

J and I, as well as the dogs, made a trip south on Friday. We left the animals at my parent's, in a nice fenced in yard on Saturday while we picked up J's sister and a china cabinet and brought them both to Ms M's in MA.  We left the hutch there but brought Trish back.

J replaced a broken switch, explaining to Mr. C what he was doing, until C just said to forget it, no way was he ever going to attempt electrical hijinks. I gather that his family voted Mr. C "least likely to grow up to be a handyman". We showed Ms M how to use our housewarming gift, a cordless drill driver, and walked her through installing a TP hanger in the downstairs bath. Included at no extra charge was how to adapt a plan when needed, as when clearance to slip a roll on was impeded by the toilet. The hanger works just as well upside down- and who's to say it doesn't even look better?

They had men come that morning measure their yard and get an estimate for a fence, so their beagle can go out and they don't have to.  They were flabbergasted when they were told it would be around $9000 for their little yard. Not what they expected at all!  We looked at the paperwork later and pointed out the estimators seeming math error. (Apparently he was new to this, he told them) The yard was @ 270 linear foot, and the 4x8 foot sections were $25.00 each.  He forgot the step of dividing 270 by 8 to get 34 sections needed- he put down 270 sections!  I think they need to let the store know this guy needs more training.

Anyway, we had a nice visit and it was fun seeing the house now that they have (mostly) unpacked and are settling in. When we dropped Trish off, we picked up the buffet that went with the hutch and brought that home, since Ms M didn't have room for that. Not that we do really, but we will shift stuff around, since J decided he wanted this- both pieces had been in his house growing up. I don't have a picture yet, because it is still in the van.

On our way home Sunday, we stopped at Sectaurs' home, a little further up Rt 495, to check out a plumbing problem. Last week, his ceiling downstairs, under his bathroom,  had shown signs of water damage. J removed the panel to access his tub pipes and didn't see anything leaking then. Best guess is that the pipes, which are slow to drain, may have had water back up after a long shower, and had some seepage around the drain. Prescription was drain cleaner and shorter showers.

We were home by 2:30 and relaxed the rest of the day. J watched his Netflix movie and I played Guild Wars. It was the Canthan New Year and I wanted to get a Celestial Tiger minipet, but it was not to be :(  Ameranth played with me and she did get one, so that was nice. We use Skype so we can talk as we play- it's lot more fun that way.

Pretty good weekend all in all.

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Sounds like a nice weekend!