Friday, February 26, 2010

Droopy Dawg week

Well, another Friday has come and I have not done a whole heck of a lot. I did get good news today, in the form of an email from my book club informing me that they are sorry about the defective book I have and telling me they are sending a replacement today. So I got a few magazines and a romance from the library to fill the time until it comes. I can't read any other series until I get this one done.

And speaking of that, the library had a new fantasy book that looks good- "Last Argument of Kings" by Joe Abercrombie. BUT, this is book three of a trilogy and the first two books are checked out. The nice librarian lad offered to reserve them for me- he said the person who has them is a fast reader and they should be returned soon. So, do I wait on the new book, and hope it's available when I get and read the others? Or do I take it and hope that I get the others before this one is due back. Because you're not supposed to be able to renew 'new' books. If you guessed I took it and said screw the poor person who is reading the first two, you win! Maybe he already read this one-yeah, like people read them out of order-who could do that?

The weather has been pretty wet and gray all week, hindering my intent to walk the dogs every day. Although I am not complaining about the (heavy) rain- just a few miles to the north and west it was a foot or more of snow.  The sun actually came out today and it is 45. Then J came home and told me we're supposed to get up to 5 inches of snow this weekend! Bummer. He didn't have to tell me that.

EDIT- I just got a call from library lad and ran down to get the first 2 books. I don't even have to feel bad about keeping the 3rd, because the other person didn't want it. (I did ask)


In Real Life said...

I hope that your replacement book arrives quickly, and that the forecast changes and you don't get the snow they are calling for, but have a bright sunny weekend instead.

Linda said...

Thanks for the good wishes. I'm trying to decide now whether to start this new series over the weekend or not.

Captain Dumbass said...

Last Argument of Kings is a fantastic series that you should definitely read in order. It starts off a little so-so but gets much better.

Linda said...

Good to hear. I may dip into #1 tomorrow to keep me going until my replacement book comes.

pokane said...

Glad to see Maine Libraries getting books to readers.
Maine State Library