Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here at the Crazy house, we wash dishes by hand, always have, always will (sigh). Four kids did some of the work for years, with varying degrees of sulkiness. We did plan to include a dishwasher when we moved our kitchen from one room to the next, but there was no room. 
Because we were doing this ourselves, and we are were poor thrifty, we reused cabinets and got creative by using an old bureau for our sink base.  We like the way it turned out, but we only had room for the trash can, instead of a dishwasher.

This all leads up to me pointing out that J is not inexperienced with hand washing dishes, or with the drainer that sits in the...drain. We use a dish pan and when we are done, you tip the water out, and rinse the sink. The strainer (that's what it's called!) catches the solid stuff  (because needless to say we do  not have a garbage disposal either) and you dump it out in the trash. Simple, eh? Not if you're Mr. Crazy.

Mr. Crazy takes the strainer out before he dumps the water. Why, you ask? Because the water goes too slowly for him and the strainer gets dirty. He likes it to rush down the pipes carrying with it the little pad that kept popping off the counter protector board thingy we keep on the counter and that we had to keep reglueing. Well, we don't have to worry about glueing it anymore. Of course, it's hard to make a sandwich on the board, or butter toast, but what the heck, the strainer is clean.

Oh, and while I'm venting- I went to Wally World today and got 2 bottles of soda, a printer cartridge and 2 other small items. I asked the cashier to put them all in one bag, feeling bad that I had forgotten our cloth bags. "Even the ink?" she said doubtfully. I felt like asking her if she had ever tried opening one of those packages, believe me it wasn't going to leak, but I just told her yes.  So, she double-bagged them, "just in case".  Thank you.

And to end on a happier note, I must say Mr. Crazy can make me laugh. Watching Wheel of Fortune tonight, he was out of the room for most of the puzzle, which was a 'same last name' category.  He walked back just in time to guess it before the player did, much to his pride.


"I got it! And I don't even know where that is!"
"Where what is?"
"The alligator belt.....oh, it's a belt belt?" waving his hands around his waist.
"Yes- what were you thinking?"
"You know, like the Bible Belt or something. Somewhere down south"

Gotta love him.


In Real Life said...

I love your kitchen sink in the bureau, what a neat idea, and the dark green colour is beautiful!

Linda said...

Thanks- we had to cut down one drawer to make room for the pipes. We use them to store all of our Tupperware-type stuff.

knitwit said...

Too funny! And I totally have the same bad habit mith my sink strainer!
Your kitchen looks great--and it's all the more amazing because you did it yourself!