Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Strange Bedfellows

Each looks a little PO'd about sharing, and having to be at the edge instead of the middle.  (I love my new camera- this was taken in the dark, because I didn't want to startle the subjects)
Obviously, that is Rosie's bed, but Sophie has taken to sleeping there during the day when the dogs are out, and I guess she decided not to move last night. They have a strange relationship.  If the dogs find Sophie in the kitchen or living room, they chase her. She runs to 'her' room (above) and sits down. Game over.  

Rosie has killed kittens in the past- not intentionally, but if it runs, she chases and when she catches them she tosses them in the air. These were kittens that slept with her inside. Her prey drive is very strong and we haven't been able to overcome that.  However, Sophie is about 10 years old, so was in place when Rosie came. She allows the chasing, but not any catching. Boomer has yet to grasp the finer points of the game, and tries to grab her, which Sophie strongly discourages. 

Sophie is getting on in years and her standards are dropping. J fed her last week and when he went by a little later, Sophie was sleeping and a mouse was finishing off her dry food. When we had barn cats, we rarely saw a whole mouse, just various body parts.  Sophie is our only (and last) cat now and doesn't make it upstairs anymore- not like that would make a difference apparently!- and when I went up to get a sleeping bag, I found signs (ugh) of mice all over. 

J hastened up with his poison bait and I went off on my trip. Sunday, I started to smell a musty odor at my computer- nowhere else. Directly in back of me are four deep built-in drawers, filled with sheets and tablecloths. The odor was unfortunately familiar, since several years ago we found a dead and decomposing mouse in there. I gingerly started checking all of the sheets for bodies, startling myself when I found a metal handle that for a second looked like a flattened rodent. Nothing found in the drawers, so I removed the bottom one and voila! A fat little body was removed to the garbage can and air freshener liberally applied. I hope all of the others have the decency to crawl outside to die. 

We went out for fresh air today and I was able to catch Rosie after she was off leash, so it was a good walk.



Mary Freaking Poppins said...

Great pictures! Looks like a good day!

In Real Life said...

Awwwww...the first one is too cute. Our dogs will not get onto the bed if our cat is there first, they will sadly lay down beside it and mope.

Love the pictures of the dogs running happily through the snow. We had a nice afternoon walk today as well. It was nice to get out while it was light out, instead of our usual morning and evening walks in the dark.