Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday Fun

J has to work on Sunday, so he has Friday and Saturday off this week. We went looking for a new chair today, and found one! Hurrah! One at a low enough price that we felt good about buying it, that is.

J has had a similar recliner for some time now, and it's quite comfortable, so I got one, although it wasn't what I went looking for. After we got it put together, we moved the old chair out to the "old kitchen". This is a room that used to be our kitchen (big surprise?) and that we haven't found the right use/name for yet. We had planned to swap the kitchen and dining rooms, but our dining table was too big for both the room and our 2 person family now. It's been a catch-all for some time, which isn't good, since it's the first room you see coming in the house.

It took some rearranging, but we think this will work for now.
(And I thought I had straightened out that slipcover!) Now we have a place to sit comfortably and chat on the phone if one person is watching TV at the other end of the house. Plus we have our stereo in here, as well as the buffet we just brought home.

We are going to store our records in there, as well as our cassettes. We really like the all-in-one phonograph/cassette/CD/radio player that the kids gave us a few years ago, I just wish the color went a little better with the walls. Oh well, it's not like the rest of the house is from a magazine spread either.  And this is what it really looks like, after the photo was taken:

We should just call it Rosie's bedroom. 

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In Real Life said...

The new chair looks super comfortable. I love your orange striped walls. Our living room has been taken over by dog beds too!