Monday, February 8, 2010

D- for effort

I pretty much wasted this whole weekend, doing not much more than reading. I mean, reading is good, but not when taken to excess....I guess. I have a sort-of cold, headachey and stuffy, but not enough to impress anyone. Tired enough to want to go back to bed, but not tired enough to justify that. Not even achey enough to kick Rosie off the couch and lay there watching TV. So, I sat in a chair and read and watched TV. I did watch 2 hours of Emma on Masterpiece Classics on PBS, if that makes it sound any better.

Now, today is getting off to a slow start too, but J took the day off so he could stay up and watch the Super Bowl, so we should do something. I think we'll go to Marden's and look for wonderful bargains.

Meanwhile, I found this pretty funny on Ameranth's Live journal- more amusing than anything I feel like writing anyway. 


knitwit said...

I had about the same weekend. Under the weather. Lots of reading. Well, reading between chasing my kids around, and getting my car stuck in a snowbank. But nothing got done!

In Real Life said...

I hope you are feeling better! I love spending cosy weekends curled up with a book, when I am not feeling the greatest.

Suldog said...

Well, I'd say that a day spent reading is never a day 'wasted'. Especially if you're reading me :-)

Linda said...

I don't regret the reading part, but I did feel a little bad that we didn't get much accomplished. Then again, that's what weekends are for- J should be relaxing and I set a good example. :)

And, Suldog, I was enjoying your mystery date post this week. Sounds like a fun time.