Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Beary Nice Day

Ameranth started a new job today (yay) at a girls summer camp nearby, and found a free treasure at the side of the road. She brought it home for the pups.

She knew they would love it. We buy stuffed animals for a quarter at the Salvation Army store for the dogs to play with. And by play with, I mean tear apart. Although Rosie had a strange reaction, she laid her head down on it at first-I think she thought it was a new bed. Then, she tried to ignore it, despite us trying to pose her with it on her couch.
The bear got a little too friendly with Rosie, Anna decided it was Rosie's fault and punished her.

                        Boomer helped.
At that point Rosie went to her dog bed and ignored them all. Anna took over the couch, but seemed a little creeped out by the bear, who kicked back and was watching TV.

 That's when Boomer stepped in.
                         The bear put up a good fight...
                         But Boomer persevered.
All 3 dogs had a victory nibble after the final takedown.
As of now, Rosie and Bear each have their own end of the couch and seem to be behaving.


In Real Life said...

Too cute! It looks like your dogs had a beary-fun time! Congratulations to Ameranth on her new job!

knitwit said...

What a great roadside find! And buying old stuffed toys for the dogs to chew at a thrift store is a great idea.
Rosie and Boomer look an awful lot like my two!

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