Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday and I'm still pretty random

It's rainy and cold today, but at least we didn't get snow, like they did in Canada, per In Real Life. Speaking of Canada, we've been getting the smoke from forest fires in Quebec for the last few days. In fact, we had an "air advisory" yesterday due to the smoke. Not blaming you, Canadians!

J doesn't often get the camera out, but he caught me last weekend, during one of the periods the rototiller was working.
The garden is going to be so much better this year, since it now gets sun all day. When it's shining. Which it isn't today. But! the rain is good for the tomatoes and squash which are in there already. J's massive pumpkins are still in the little hothouse we have on the porch. 

I wasn't going to mention this, because it's embarrassing to lose hens each year. Don't call the ASPCA on us- we do try to keep them safe. The weekend we were remodeling the bathroom, J and I each thought the other had closed the hens in, but neither had. In fact, our outer door was left open too, with just the screen door keeping out intruders. 

Short story, weasel(s) got in and killed 6 hens. It is bad enough feeling like you let them down, but then to see bodies which are untouched except that their heads are missing is infuriating. Why not kill one if you must to feed your weasly children? I did find this info: 
The weasel's mode of survival involves killing whatever it can, whenever it can. When confronted with an abundance of mice, the voracious weasel follows the only pattern it knows and will kill more than it can eat at one time. 

We threw the 5 bodies we found out in the woods, figuring something could benefit from our loss.  The next night I heard an unearthly shriek outside and went to the window. At first I thought it was the hens screaming (believe me they can scream- try moving one at night from a tree to their house- it sounds like a person screeching their heads off- ooh, unfortunate comparison in this case) but then I remembered I'd heard that sound before.

A couple of years ago, Ameranth and I were startled to hear loud screams coming from the sump pump pipe. It turned out to be an immature weasel who was very confused and angry. We left it alone to find it's way home, after recording the sounds and our careful exploration. Sadly, I couldn't find that video on my computer just now.

So, Floyd has just 6 girls now. And some of them are still slacking in the egg production department, darn it.

I did find this in my files (linky to You Tube)while searching for the screaming weasel video. Since it makes me laugh I'll try to upload it to share. Ameranth and Sectaurs had each dyed their hair and were posing for pictures, but I had it on video mode. I told them to move and immediately they each did the same thing.
Wacky kids!

I guess that's all I got for now.


In Real Life said...

Funny video!
Poor chickens...but very natural.
Cute photo of you rototilling! It sounds like you have a wonderful garden.
Luckily, our snow is now gone, but it's still cloudy and gray, although it is warming up.
Have a great day!

knitwit said...

It's really quite gracious of you not to blame Canada for the air advisory. We blame you guys for just about everything over here!!
Sorry to hear about the hens. How devastating. But the garden's looking great already!