Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We have eggs!

The new hens are doing well so far. We are getting 5-7 eggs a day now, and I have gotten back into the lockdown mode each night. The 'unfriendly' rooster who came with them has been a perfect gentleman, and we have taken great care not to threaten his ladies, so everyone is happy.

The flowers are blooming nicely, but I have a mystery here. My roses on the trellis out front are red. They have always been a baby pink before. These are plants I got years ago from my mother's yard and they were always pink there too. .......Okay, I ran out to take pictures of the flat, red rose that opened on Monday, and found the flowers were now double blooms and pinker.

They are still much darker than previous years, but maybe they lighten up as they progress. I would have sworn that they started out pink and stayed pink, but so far have not found photographic proof. Ameranth and J back me up though. At least to my face they do. 

Here we are at the far end of our pasture, outside at the horse gate. The dogs would love to get in there with them, but no, we are meanies and only let them gaze. I love Rosie's patience, whenever we stop along our walks, the other two mill about and she plops herself down. "Don't stand if you can sit" is her motto, and a darn good one it is.


KG said...

If they are the multiflora (seven sisters) that Ma had on the stonewall by the cellar - then yes they have always been a much lighter pink color than that. Are you sure some alien roses haven't taken over = seven brothers perhaps???

Linda said...

I think that is what happened! I have more of them out back and am going to check their color out- They are a few days behind these this year.

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