Friday, June 11, 2010

Focus, focus!

This week has sort of been treading water- not a lot got done. Working out a new routine fitting Ameranth and Anna in. Ameranth isn't a problem, except we end up keeping each other company as we sit before our computers for way too long. And Anna isn't really a problem either- she's polite and trained well.

Boomer is the problem. I admit it.  He has energy control issues and is easily over-stimulated. He loves Ameranth and doesn't think much of Anna. He likes to grab a toy and flaunt it by parading back and forth. Rosie ignores him, Anna either stares blankly at him, or does her version of playing, which involves pouncing near his precious,  head down, rear up and sometimes growling. Boomer takes this seriously and launches himself at her, snarling ferociously. Teeth never get close to each other, but it sounds dreadful. If it gets too bad, Rosie comes over and tries to distract them, which usually backfires.

They do sit nicely for their treat when they come in from outside. Eating is serious business. Ameranth was amazed to find Rosie had eaten her muffin wrappers this morning, along with the paper napkin. The dog was in a hurry, didn't have time to be selective and scrape the food bits off!   I told her that was why we keep them on top of the fridge- Rosie sneaks in the kitchen and cruises at nose level around the counters. She's gotten several of J's ripening tomatoes in the past, as well as eggs, and rolls.  Oh, and the plates of leftover spaghetti he is prone to leave out.

And now I've spent another half hour writing this, avoiding the real work I should be taking care of. I meant to get on and off, but I was distracted by the front page, glad to hear that 16 year old  girl who's sailing around the world was alive, then seeing pictures from the Awkward Family Pictures book, and that lead to photos from the Cake Wrecks book.

While in RI last week, one of my sisters, #4, said that she has concluded that her children come by their ADD honestly, since she finds herself constantly going from one unfinished chore to another. I must agree, my kids didn't fall far from the tree either. Or as J's family would say, they didn't lick it off the ground! Isn't it funny that families grow up using the wrong different versions of the same old sayings? We say someone's nose is out of joint, J's says their nose is broken. And I think I am the only one who says Damn you, Enoch! and I had to Google that to find out where I heard it, years ago. I have no idea why that stuck with me, when much more productive stuff leaves my head daily.

Another 20 minutes of my life gone, trying to find the origin of "I shake my fist at you" which Ameranth, Sectaurs and I use with some frequency. No luck. Probably a quote from some movie they've seen.  And with that I am finishing this up and going back upstairs to do some sewing. Or to move furniture around for Ameranth's stuff. Or maybe get the towels out of the dryer. Whatever.


In Real Life said...

I love that picture of Boomer, Rosie, and Anna! Poor Boomer, those girls just don't understand him!

I have been flitting around the house getting things half done too! Oh well, it's more fun that way!

Have a super weekend!

Anonymous said...

I believe the expression you quoted was from an old Bert & I record. Damn you, Enoch!

Lizzie said...

Great photo. Oddly enough, my brat of a dog just ate my daughter's muffin, paper and all not 2 minutes ago!
And the Cake Wrecks book makes me absolutely howl with laughter.
Stopped by from New England bloggers this morning to say hi, so HI!

knitwit said...

Love those dogs. Mine are a handful too, but I wouldn't be without them!
Isn't it funny how the computer, which was supposed to SAVE us time, ends up taking so much more of it than anything ever did before? I just got off of facebook, and now I'm using the extra time it's saved me to check out all my favorite blogs! Still more fun than facebook, though!