Friday, June 18, 2010

Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would

I finally got a chore monkey off my back and my heart is soaring. Okay, okay that's a little over the top- it was just something I had to get done and put off all week. Amazing how things kept cropping up that I just had to do first.

The last few days were very achey ones too- stress (over serious stuff or not) does not play well with fibro. The weather has finally gotten to summer-like and I am very ready for that too.

Speaking of getting distracted, having Ameranth and her computer in the same room as me and mine can lead to major detours! She apparently reads forums where she feels the contributors are wrong, very wrong- on the Internet, can you imagine!- and she sputters a lot, to keep herself from setting them straight.

This afternoon I heard: " Oh, I have problems- ooh, what's that?"  So her moments of angst are short-lived, as are her productive moments. It's like little birds are circling her constantly and sometimes the black, angry ones land on her shoulder, then a pretty bluebird comes to chase them away. More happy birds than sad ones, thank goodness.
                         Ameranth and J on our back porch
We are off to get some replacement hens tonight- not sure exactly how many, since I was told he could do a better deal than advertised if I took all 9 instead of 6, so he could be done with it. J is upset that I didn't ask him what the deal would be, but I figured I'd wait and see, since the guy was a rambling talker and if I don't like the deal, I'll only pay for the six.

I have now gotten into the summer pattern of me shutting the hens in at night, so we should be fine. During the winter J does it, but the hens stay up later than he does now!


Anonymous said...

Pshaw! You never revealed the monkey on your back!!

Linda said...

Ha- you don't need to know!

Captain Dumbass said...

I love your porch.

anymommy said...

Omigosh, Captain Dumbass stole my comment. I have porch envy. Sit on it and drink a lemonade for me tomorrow.