Monday, June 21, 2010

So that's what woke me up!

We had a tremendous thunderstorm here yesterday afternoon, complete with hail. Not round hail, but smooth flattened circles. Strange. Anyway, we enjoy a good storm (unlike certain members of my family) and kept moving from one vantage point to another.

That's when we noticed this.
And this.
Then, I remembered waking up around 2 and hearing a car trying to start, and failing, several times, before revving it's engine and peeling out. Turns out Ameranth heard it too. That driver was darn lucky, and so were we I guess. He hit that tree and stopped (hard, it seems) a foot away from the dog fence. He/she also missed a boulder by about 6 inches, and if the car had gone straight, it would have hit our well head. And, if it had flipped or gone flying- that's our bedroom in that corner. Good luck all around. Especially since the driver could still drive after the hit, I assume there was no serious damage.

I am hoping the presumed drunk driver was startled badly by the tree face sticking it's tongue out!

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In Real Life said...

Oh my goodness, that's scary! Hopefully, this person learnt their lesson! Luckily, the damage was pretty minor.
Cool tree-face! My mother-in-law has one of those too, and I think they're neat!