Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Random Tuesday

RIP Floyd
I didn't want to talk about it, but the Weasel won another round last weekend. Floyd seemed to be the only victim, but we noticed yesterday that two hens were not their usual perky selves. When I let them out this morning, they just stayed on the floor, and this afternoon J found one had died. I like to think Floyd took one for his team.

When I came downstairs and Ameranth informed me we had no eggs, I asked her if they had checked the coop.
A: "Yes, that's when Dad found the dead hen- oh, and he didn't move the body"
Me: "Oh  poo- he never likes flinging the dead hens"
A:"Well, who does?"

Turns out J had a reason this time. The horse owners had their little girls up at our end of the pasture and he didn't want them to see the dead bird. He did dispose of it later.

J scored a hole saw holder that the store was throwing out, so he installed that today. He took some pictures and asked me to resize them for emailing. Busy with supper, I told him I would do it later. 

J: " Okay, I just want to send the email tonight to show off the new saw rack. I'll just send it to my brothers."
A: "What, your sisters don't appreciate a good rack as much as they do?"
Ba dum dum.

And in case anyone cares- all those yellow things are his hole saws:

My peonies are blooming and haven't been mashed by rain as they usually are. I got these and 4 blueberry bushes from #5 two years ago and they have settled in well. 1 blueberry died, but the others have new shoots this year and I saw one cluster of flowers.
Here's J's garden goddess:
And this is an older peony being overtaken by the evil multiflora rose.
I guess that's all the random I have today.


In Real Life said...

Nice rack! ;)

Poor Floyd and hen! RIP! Those nasty weasels!

Your flowers are gorgeous! I really like the one with the roses mixed with the peonies!

Suldog said...

I wish I was handier with tools. It always stirs something in me when I see a workshop or work space like the one pictured. I like to imagine myself puttering around, fixing things. Alas, my skills are limited to hammering, screwing, and the very occasional tightening with a wrench. Everything else I touch turns to sawdust or rust.

knitwit said...

What a gorgeous garden you have! I feel for you with the dead hens. When my dog catches a rat, I'm disturbed by it for days. I can't imagine an animal I actually KNOW being killed. Rotten weasels!
The rack looks great!