Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back off, Bird!

The cardinal was back this morning, tapping away to wake me up. Maybe there are little bugs on the window sill, but I don't think so. Ameranth thinks he remembers the bird feeders we used to have out back, before we had silly dogs who try to eat the suet and jump at the feeders.

He woke me in time to see fog making the morning soft and furry, but as fast as I dressed, it was still almost too late to catch any photos.
The pasture picture doesn't really show the fog, but to the south, our neighbor's house and the road are still misty.
I ended up just preparing the steps today, since I noticed some dirt and mildew spots that needed to disappear. It was beautifully sunny and hit 70 this afternoon, which is my kind of fall day.

Maybe the bird was telling me to get my butt out of bed and enjoy it!

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In Real Life said...

What a beautiful fall morning! It is gray, and foggy, and wintry here today.