Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Randomness in Maine


Today was a beautiful day here- sunny, not windy and in the 60's. A tiny Indian summer, and I wanted to stain the steps. But I read the instructions first, dammit, and while I was going to ignore the "wood must be completely dry" part, the "no rain expected for 24 hours" part got me. It will rain tonight and probably tomorrow, so no go.  Buuut, Thursday and Friday are supposed to be fairly warm and fairly dry, so I will aim for then. The next picture of these steps will have color in them. I hope.

Sunday we cleaned the chicken coop and added insulation, then covered it with the panels we saved from the bathroom demolition. Not the prettiest job, but good enough to keep the hens from eating the fiberglass- which they would.
Some of the girls venturing in when we finished. One really wanted in while we worked, I suppose she may be one of the few that are laying. I wish there was a way to tell which ones were worth keeping. Maybe I should try a hidden web cam.

Went to the dump Sunday and found that the hours are changing next week, from 4 days a week to 3 for the winter. The roof over the reuse area is finished now, so the unwanted-but-too-good-to-throw-away stuff stays drier,and I assume more desirable. So desirable in fact, that there is a two item per person, per day limit. Why? Isn't the idea for someone to take the junk and recycle it?  I did hear one of the workers tell the story of how he stopped someone from cherrypicking golf clubs. If he wanted some, he had to take them all, plus the bag. Hardcore rules, indeed.

I made a pot pie from leftovers tonight and it was good. J and I were both a bit leery of the idea but happily enjoyed it. Ameranth used the leftover pie crust dough for a little apple tart, so everyone wins!

That's about all the random non-news I have so- Good Day!


Captain Dumbass said...

I had a comment but then you mentioned the pot pie and now I can't remember. Mmmm...

knitwit said...

You've been busy--and those dump rules sound a little ridiculous. I love the amazing things that can come from leftovers!