Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Idle comments

Ameranth and I just came in from the garden, where we pulled old pumpkin vines, and many weeds,(and found one more butternut squash!)  getting it cleaned up for the winter. We then tackled the hen yard where an obnoxious weed had taken over. I don't know the name but it has stubborn roots and very sharp little burrs on it. I remarked that the burrs were like tiny caltrops.

Ameranth agreed, then said "You know, a lot of people would not know what you meant. See how video games and movies are educational?"

Earlier today she found an article online about a gay man enlisting (again) in the Army.  He had gone to West Point and served for 10 years before being discharged in July, because he was gay.

Ameranth: "Good for him! I'm glad he can do that. Not that enlisting in the Army is something I would ever want, but if he wants to, he should be able to do it".

Me: "That is not very Christian of you!"

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knitwit said...

I always find it a little sad to clean up after the harvest. But then I look at all those jars in my pantry and think about fresh tomato sauce on my pasta in January and it makes me feel better!
I'm finding the "don't ask, don't tell" thing a little bewildering. Our army couldn't care less if our soldiers are gay or straight, so it's never been much of an issue here--not as far as I know, anyway!