Saturday, October 30, 2010

Restoring Sanity with Mr Crazy

Ameranth took a bus last night to attend the Jon Stewart Restoring Sanity Rally in Washington DC. J and I watched it live on TV this afternoon, but didn't see her there, although we had told her to wave. She called later so we know she not only survived the huge crowds of people and the bus ride with strangers, she also had a good time.

I enjoyed the rally, but they were preaching to the choir since I appreciate moderation in all things (except food) and hate the name-calling and venom so often in the news.

Meanwhile, we were dealing with important matters at home. J's birthday is Monday and I needed to know what kind of cake he wanted.

J: Well, my favorite is chocolate with chocolate frosting, but since Ameranth doesn't like that, I'll have white cake with chocolate frosting.

Me: White? or do you mean yellow?

J: Oh, I do remember Aunt Edie's white cakes- they were the best, but you like yellow cake, so I'll have yellow.

Me: It's your birthday, and I like any kind of cake so- white or yellow?

J: White....You know what I'd really like? Banana cream pie!

Me: Okay- that's even easier. Banana cream pie it is.

J: Mmm Mmm Banana cream pie. Wait- what is that again?

Me: Banana cream pie? It's bananas in pudding with whipped cream and a graham cracker crust.

J: Oh, you mean a 'pie' pie. I meant Boston Cream Pie.

Me: Well, which one do you want? They don't make the Boston Cream Pie mix anymore. (Betty Crocker, why have you failed me? And yes, I can make it from scratch but it just doesn't taste the same as the mix my grandmother used)

J: Boston Cream- that's what I want.

So off we go to the grocery store. J always parks in the same two rows: first we go up the second row in, and then down the outside if nothing's available in his first choice. That way we go in the correct door to grab a cart and circle the store in the proper direction. Today we had problems- too many people were shopping and 'our' rows were full.

J: Hmm, no openings. Now what do we do?

Me: Why don't you try the third row? I saw some spaces there.

J: All righty. That's what we'll do.

Me: Oooh, exciting. I don't think we've ever parked in this row before!

J: I think you're right. My, aren't we adventurous today?

It's a pity none of our children were with us. They so love our humor. 
But they might have decided we need to restore some sanity right here in Maine.


Anonymous said...

A man needs his space! Parking space that is.

Anonymous said...

I personally like chocolate cake with white frosting,,,but Boston Creme Pie sounds good, too. Decisions, decisions!

Anonymous said...

Third row? That is closer than I ever get!!

Fe said...

Oh how gorgeous!!

And I completely appreciate the sentiment! My "thing" was matching pegs for the washing.

Yeah that Ameranth attended that rally. I wish we had something similar here. It's sorely needed.


Molly said...

I appreciated your humor with a chuckle of my own, with an eye roll thrown in for good measure.