Sunday, June 29, 2014

Buffalo Bill

We headed to Cody WY and stopped at the Buffalo Bill museum there. It is one of 5 museums under one roof, covering 7 acres and we didn't want to spend $18.00 each, or that much time. However the ticket seller really wanted our money and offered us the student price if we wanted to go to just one museum. Being the polite pushovers we are, we didn't have the b***s to walk away, so we paid our money and took our chance.

Cody had an amazing life and his story was told very well here. A few quotes I thought would resonate with at least a couple of my kids:

While we enjoyed the museum, we thought the price was still a bit high, but then,we're pretty tight with our budget. And what the heck, YOLO guys, YOLO.

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Kelly Sheehy said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the museum. :)