Sunday, June 22, 2014

California and Oregon

We decided to drive up the coast but we had to get out of SF first. Luckily our lane was on the lower tier of the Bay Bridge so we could almost ignore the long bridge. I think it went over two islands too.

Headed north and west we ended up Rt 1, and eventually went up the coast,sometimes at sea level and sometimes high above on a bluff. Lots of grape vines and increasingly large trees. Driving through the Redwood National Park was both impressive and nervewracking, since the road edge was very close to some of those trees, and large tractor-trailers zoomed along it.

We passed up the opportunity to take a gondola ride over the tree tops, no surprise there, right?

Oregon had lots of fun roadside ornaments, even a Statue of Liberty.

I did pull over to get some shots I didn't want to miss.

The unexpectedly sudden ups and downs kept John from taking some photos that I thought he should have gotten because this is what he was looking at

For some reason though, the not-a-chain motel we stayed in charmed him,at least the neon sign did.

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