Sunday, June 15, 2014

just a bit

My Internet is on and off tonight, particularly annoying because we are in a nice hotel in San Francisco and had to pay a fee to have the WiFi. So this will be a short post. Maybe just a few pictures. Pictures mostly taken by John because it is too hilly, steep or near the ocean for him to drive. And he is not even getting the good photos that I think he should!

Aaand I just lost Internet again.

Too late to be getting so annoyed with this. Here, have a shot of the Pacific Ocean along route 1.
John said he was having trouble getting the phone camera to take a picture, that it wouldn't work when he touched the screen. Immediately after saying that he lowered the camera and I heard click, click, click. Now we have 6 pictures of his knee.

We did get a nice photo tonight of the Bay Bridge and both of us, courtesy of Ian.

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Kelly Sheehy said...

That is a beautiful photo of you guys in front of the bridge! San Francisco is a beautiful and fun city! :)