Friday, June 6, 2014

Texas has been very good

We have had excellent WiFi the past two days,yet there have been no posts!?! That is because we are staying with my brother and his wife, and have been way too busy to type. Everyone else is in bed now,so I am trying to get caught up. Tomorrow we head toward CO, and Saturday we should be at John's house.

Bob showed us around his ranch, and John got to see the cows, and the bull, up close. He wanted to pat one, but by the time he mentioned it, the treats were gone and the animals were getting a little pushy. We saw a brandy-new calf whose mama was very suspicious of the pickup truck,so the one a picture I got was rushed. And a black calf is hard to spot when standing in front of a black cow.
Today, Chari and Bob took us to see the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center, which includes created wetland areas, marshes used to help cleanse water from the Trinity River to ultimately go to the Dallas water supply. Then a trip to a hardware store, always a favorite of Johna chance t9 plays, then off to local peach orchard to buy some of the best peaches I have ever had and sample their soft serve peach ice cream. Yum.

A highlight of the trip came next for John. Bob fired up his excavator to dredge the tank (a man made pond to catch and hold rainwater), which had gradually become shallower and wider, thanks to his geese nibbling way the edges. A gracious host, after he finished, he offered John a chance to try it out. Not with the watery mud, because I think Bob did not want to take a muddy shower, but he got to move it, and dig up some dirt and move it a few feet.

You should be.

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