Monday, June 2, 2014


Just after getting on the highway Sunday we saw a billboard with info about a historic house and farm at the site of the New Market Battle from the Civil War. We found out it opened at 9 and although we weren't going to wait around 45 minutes to go into the museum, we continued up the long drive to the battlefield site,admiring the old house,and the fields with rick-rack fencing.

"Hey,look some cows. Do you think those are Civil War cows too?
" Well,they are not blue or gray, so, no"
Although,they are black and white,so I guess they could be in a symbolic way"


I had my head bent over the phone,trying to send a picture and John says:

"Hey, Amarillo!"

We were in Tennessee, not Texas,so I was confused and repeated "Amarillo?"

"Yes. Do they have them here? Little, hard shell?"

........."Armadillos? "

"Yeah, them"

Ordering in McDs today in TN.
Me: "Just a plain cheeseburger,please"
Young lady worker, gazing at her screen: "Can you just tell me everything so I can get it all ordered?"
"I just want a plain cheeseburger"
"Well, do you want mustard,ketchup,onion,pickle or tomato?"
"None of those"
"So no mustard,no ketchup,no onion,no pickle,no tomato?"
"Right, none of those. I just want meat and cheese,and the roll"

We were there just when they changed from breakfast to their lunch menu,and it seems to have taken all the workers by surprise, since they ended up with quite a line of customers waiting for their meals. John was happy since he scored one of their last breakfast burritos (with hot sauce which is no longer available in ME, he tells me) but not everyone was so pleased. An ancient tiny man in denim overalls and a flat cap with 'Ireland' stitched on top made his way over to stand next to me and confided "The next food they put on the counter, I'm going to walk up and take". And he did! Fortunately, it was his order.

I told John that the relatives were demanding pictures with one or both of us in them,so I was going to take one of him. He had to put on his shades " to look cool". I figured I should mention that just in case the photo didn't convey the cool factor properly.

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