Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Oh no, you didn't!

We have a good WiFi connection tonight, so I planned an update, but couldn't decide what to write. John had a good suggestion, so I'll go with that. Here is what we didn't do today.

We visited the Hot Springs National Park, which includes the historic downtown street of bath houses, but we didn't take a bath.

Those mini fire hose nozzles were used to spray streams of water (one hot,one cold) up and down the legs and backs of the bathhouse patrons while they stood facing the shower heads in the top picture. The women's side had the basic tubs, sauna and tables, but the men's side was fancy, having an additional space with marble benches, a fountain and a stained glass skylight.
The ranger who gave the tour told us her great aunt had worked at the spa back in the days when all of the attendants were African Americans, who were not allowed to use the baths themselves. She laughed as she said "And now I have the keys to the whole place!" as she jingled her key chain.

We had (tentatively) planned to camp in Hot Springs, since the weather was good, but we didn't, deciding to look for a campground near water. Heading west, we decided to check out the Crater of Diamonds state park near Delight,AR. Turns out you can actually look for diamonds there and keep any you find. We did not look for diamonds. Too cheap and too hot. We also did not camp there because the only water was in a pool and filled with kids.

We turned a little north to try the Daisy state park,which was on a lake. We did not camp there because the sites were small, lake access was steep, and there were lots of families with kids. (It may seem like John and I do not like kids-we really do, but we prefer those we know. Plus we prefer  a little more privacy and quiet when we camp)

So to hell with camping today! We decided to add Oklahoma to our state list, currently at 11, if anyone cares, and headed west once again.  We didn't get to the border,deciding to stop when we saw a motel in DeQueen. We also didn't eat at the handy restaurant in the parking lot,since it was closed for a vacation. I don't know whose vacation, but it certainly didn't take ours  into consideration. Just to continue the theme, we didn't go out to eat at all, making do with cheese,crackers and apple slices.

We also did not show up at Bob and Chari's a day earlier then expected, so that was good. We shall see them tomorrow and I hope our good luck with the weather continues with our stay in Texas.

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knitwit said...

Sounds like you're having a fun road trip--my kind of vacation! Safe travels, and keep posting when you can!